Patt is a California native, born in Culver City, raised in the San Gabriel Valley in the City of Monrovia, and for the past 37 years has been a resident of Huntington Beach. Patt was a student of the fine arts and has always had a love for photography. In the years past she experimented with digital photography manipulation and 3D anaglyph photography.
Patt spent 27 years in the graphic design field working as an in-house corporate graphic designer and later as a freelance designer. Her design work clients included Canon, Thermador, Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and other well-known brands.
After retiring from graphic design, Patt was able to concentrate more fully on photography. Patt chose all things “hot rod” to photograph after she and her husband purchased a 1933 Ford Vicky and started attending car shows and car events.
Patt loves to experiment with different substrates and has presented her photography as standard prints as well as on wood and metal as transfers.